A business’s money to cover its daily expenses like payroll, supplies, rent, and utilities is the working capital. Every business needs working capital for it to run its operations and to survive in a competitive market. It can, however, be hectic for a business owner to raise the right amount of working capital, especially if it’s a startup. It is for this reason that seeking working capital loans becomes essential.

Types of Working Capital Financing Options

Working Capital Short-Term Loans

When you consider working capital short-term loans, you will find it easier to cover your business’s daily expenses and other related costs. The loans, however, come with shorter payback terms, in most cases a year or less. Thus, for your business needs, you can utilize working capital loans for short-term investments with success.

Merchant Cash Advances

Through merchant cash advances, a business can access the right working capital and meet its needs temporarily. With merchant cash advances, the business will have to accept credit card payments. This enables the cash advance provider to take a portion of the credit card sales until the advance and other fees get repaid in full.

Invoice Financing

When looking for working capital loans, you should also consider invoice financing. This financing option will help you solve the cash flow problems and keep your business in a safe financial position in the market. Invoice financing comes in as your working capital as you won’t have to wait for customers to pay invoices to create a cash flow and keep your business running.

SBA Loans

If you or your business has a good credit score, qualifying for an SBA loan to help with your working capital needs becomes easier. SBA loans are government-governed loans, making them effective for startups struggling with working capital to keep and maintain the business functions. However, the application process is strict, and one has to have most things right before seeking the loan.


Funding a startup company is one of the major hurdles that prevent businesses from growing. So, while looking for working capital loans is vital, you have to be thorough with your options. Microloans are available and effective for startup businesses and which you should consider.

Understanding how to get working capital loans for your business needs is vital. It can, however, be hectic when you lack effective guidance. Reach out to Rushview Commercial Funding today for professional help.