Acquiring a business loan is almost inevitable, especially during these economically challenging times. You need your enterprise to continue operating as it should, whether you get funding from a bank or alternative lenders. However, if you already have an unpaid loan, you can request a time extension or refinance the loan. Unfortunately, not many entrepreneurs understand the concept of loan refinancing. That is why this article will give you a clear explanation of what it entails.

What is Loan Refinancing?

Refinancing is a concept that entails applying for a new loan before you complete repaying an existing one. You can get a new loan from the same lender or a different one. The new loan you acquire is used to finance the current debt, meaning you will now have a business loan with better interest rates. This is one way to get funds to help your company grow. Refinancing becomes a life-saver if your business has enormous debts or an unaffordable loan.

The Process of Refinancing

Refinancing a business loan is a step that comes in about four significant steps. These are;

Debt Determination

The main reason to determine how much you owe is to help you understand how much you need to borrow to repay your debt. This involves calculating the loan principal plus the interest on debt and checking the current loan terms. The lending institution should give you the money you borrow to refinance debt at lower interest rates.

Present the Papers

All lenders will want to make sure that your enterprise can repay a new loan, and the only way to do that is by checking the paperwork. The documents asked for vary from one lender to the other, but the ones you can be asked for include tax returns, balance sheets, cash flow history, and accounts payable.

Lender Comparison

This is where you check different loan terms, interest rates, charges, and repayment periods from different lenders.


Once you are satisfied with the lender and the loan terms you pick, you can start the application process.

Getting a loan for your business is a wise idea because that money will help you somewhere. You can contact Rushview Commercial Funding today because it is better positioned to give all the monetary help you require.