Customer satisfaction should be your top priority when running a business. Everything else pales in comparison. But many companies give the minimum effort needed to satisfy customer demands. In a competitive market, that isn’t good enough – not if you want to hold onto your share of the market.

Here are six ways you can go the extra mile for your customers and outshine your competition.

1. Master the Basics of Customer Service

Unfortunately, many businesses try going the extra mile before they’ve even gone the first mile – and their customers could care less.

Your client won’t care a whole lot about that customized e-card you email them at Christmas – not even with their name in the subject line – if the product you sold them doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do or if the services you provided didn’t meet their needs.

2. Treat Customers Like People

Now, assuming that your product or service meets – and hopefully exceeds – customer expectations, what else can you do to “wow” your customers?

Start by treating them as real people and not just as invoice numbers on a spreadsheet.

Interact a little.

Engage in conversations when appropriate.

Remember names and faces of your repeat customers.

Ask about their day.

3. Focus on Small Details

Despite the touch of cynicism above, adding in those little details actually does matter. This ties right back in with treating customers like real people.

Take an extra minute to send a handwritten note and reference something you discussed with the client earlier in the conversation.

Include a freebie, even something small.

If you notice a small, unforeseen issue that can be easily corrected on your end at little cost – do it. Do it for free, even if it wasn’t in the contract.

Small details like these can dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

4. Do It Better Than Your Competitors

Another way you can go the extra mile for your customers is to simply do the job better than your competitors.

Can you make your product better than theirs?

Can you provide better service?

Can you do the job faster without sacrificing quality?

How can you leave the customer good about their experience with you?

There’s almost always a way to improve some aspect of your business. Always be looking for it. And take action when you see room for improvement.

5. Follow Up After the Sale

Following up with your clients after the sale is one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction and to get repeat business from them.

You don’t have to get fancy here.

There are many ways to get customer feedback.

A simple phone call, email, or postcard can be all it takes to leave a favorable impression and improve your chances of doing business with them again. If needed, offer an incentive for submitting feedback.

6. Listen to Customer Feedback

Some companies follow up by asking clients for feedback – and then they do absolutely nothing based on that feedback.

Let your competitors do that, but don’t take that approach yourself.

Listen to feedback from your customers.

Use their feedback to improve your products and services and to leave your customers feeling good about doing business with you.

To improve customer satisfaction and keep your current customers coming back for more, put these six tips into play immediately. And if you need additional resources to grow your business so that you can continue to exceed customer expectations, contact Rushview Commercial Funding today for details.