Healthcare Financing

You Can Receive Financing for Your Medical Practice in Minimal Time

Could your healthcare practice use some extra working capital to get by? We at Rushview Commercial Funding frequently extend healthcare financing to practices like yours. Whether you’re a veterinarian, dentist, physician or chiropractor, we have the working capital you need to thrive. We invite you to put your new funds toward any pressing or future need, including expanding your practice, financing medical equipment or enriching your practice in any other way.

Loan Details

Our healthcare and medical financing solutions offer:

  • Generous repayment terms
  • Application-only requirements for any amount under $75,000
  • No need to make payments up front

We won’t report your loan to any personal credit bureaus, and we’ll give you freedom to do whatever you want to with the funds you get from us.

Debt Consolidation

Many healthcare professionals use our funds to consolidate their debt. This process helps you roll many monthly payments into one reasonable payment. It also allows you to take advantage of low interest rates while getting rid of your high-interest debt. It’s a great solution if you’re juggling more sources of debt than you can reasonably handle and you want to get it under control.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Some healthcare professionals are unaware that they can lease the medical equipment they need. Our equipment leasing program can cover up to 50% of your soft costs. We also offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

Ready to claim your healthcare financing today? Contact us and we’ll give you an application.

Healthcare Financing
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