Monthly Archives: March 2022

Commercial Space: Lease or Buy? 

Many business owners that operate a public-facing business will deal with the aspects of acquiring new or better commercial space. A new business owner may need to find an adequate commercial space to open his/her enterprise. An existing owner may... Read More

Franchise Funding Options

Thinking of investing in a franchise opportunity? There are some things that you should know; franchise funding is different than other types of lending and borrowing. Here are some of your franchise funding options: Franchisor Franchise Loan These opportunities are... Read More

Tax Benefits of CRE Investors 

Commercial real estate (CRE) is a major factor in today’s economy. CRE investors can build significant wealth and secure important tax benefits. But successful CRE investing takes skill and managing the tax implications and complications requires the assistance of accounting... Read More

A Winners Guide to Building a Strong Business Team

Businesses fail for many reasons, but one factor that can increase your chances of success is to put together a strong team of talented people. Even entrepreneurs with singular and innovative visions need the assistance of focused personnel. Here are... Read More