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15 Secrets to Help You Kick-Start Your Commercial Real Estate Career

Everyone who gets into commercial real estate starts off not knowing anything. Being a beginner is nothing to be embarrassed about as long as you don’t stay a beginner. Here are 15 things that will help you become a successful... Read More

Contract Financing For Small Businesses

If your business needs money for a future project, consider obtaining contract financing. This is a form of collateral that you have with a lender. However, the agreement is between the lender and the customer you are doing construction work... Read More

Private Equity Defined

There are many different types of investments. Private equity is a commonly used alternative to the more typical types. It differs from others in that it uses capital that is not part of a public exchange. The money comes from... Read More

How to Finance Your Next Fixer Upper

If you are in the business of buying a fixer-upper house and renovating it, you’ll likely need to acquire the finances to do so. There are a few tips you can follow to make the process easier. Get A Home... Read More