Everyone who gets into commercial real estate starts off not knowing anything. Being a beginner is nothing to be embarrassed about as long as you don’t stay a beginner. Here are 15 things that will help you become a successful commercial real estate agent.

Take a class. Ideally locally and in-person.

Read up on top agents, brokers, and firms. Study them and put their tactics to use. Over time you’ll develop your own style that people will be curious about.

Attend local meetups and events. These are perfect for learning how the industry works and meeting new people.

Ask. The industry is relationship-based; ask if you can be introduced to someone they know or reach out and ask for someone’s time.

Join memberships. In every state and city, there are real estate organizations and boards that host events. Although many of these are paid memberships, networking and building relationships are key for a successful career in commercial real estate.

Find you niche. Specialists make more money; decide which area you want to work in and become an expert.

Read trade magazines.

Intern. People are always looking for help and being a proactive learner will get you far.

Join the local Chamber of Commerce. You can do this in multiple cities. It’s a great way to meet business owners.

Visit the local Economic Development Director. The EDC can provide a package of information pertaining to the community (e.g.; demographics, aerial maps, properties for sale).

Start looking at properties. Commercial real estate agents use LoopNet as opposed to MLS. Looking through the database will help get you familiar with the words and general geographic area.

Invest in a mentor or coach. Whether paid or free, having someone to learn from is invaluable.

Join Facebook groups.

Use Instagram. Follow agents that inspire you and consume their content. Engage, ask questions and learn from them.

Be patient. Success takes time—and mistakes. Be gentle with yourself and stay consistent.


The commercial real estate industry is always changing. The agents who stay on top are the agents who are intentional about learning and growing themselves and their business. For more tips to help you on your commercial real estate journey, contact Rushview Commerical Funding today.